Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to Cut Burlap

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 Until a couple of weeks ago I had no idea there was such an easy way to cut burlap.  Whenever I would cut burlap in the past, it would always end up so uneven like the picture below.  Thanks to the Clumsy Crafter I learned how to cut burlap in a straight line.

Decide where you want to cut your burlap and grab one string.  Gently pull the string all the way out.

After you pull the string all the way out there will be a space where you can cut a perfect straight line!

There you go! No more jagged edges.  How did I not know about this trick sooner?

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  1. This is brilliant! Cutting straight is definitely not my strong suit :)

    I just added your button to my blog. You guys are becoming one of my favorites! Want to button swap? Mine is on the right-side of my blog.

  2. This is a great tip! I have the hardest time getting a straight line. This will definitely help me.

  3. Clever! What a wonderful idea!

    Thanks for the tip Christy

  4. wow thank you so much for the tip!! I love crafting but i need a little help most of the time!! You blog is just so cute! Im loving it and just started following! Im taking a button too!

  5. Thank you for sharing. I do this with almost any woven fabric and it is a great tip.

  6. This tip is helpful on any fabric that has a weave like burlap. I learned this many years ago. Thank you for sharing!