Sunday, March 10, 2013

Little He or Little She Gender Reveal Party

I was lucky enough to have my best friend and sister throw a gender reveal party for me. I knew that since this is our last baby I wanted to find out what we were having in a really fun and cute way. So the planning began! I was part of most of it, helping where I could but I didn't want to find out until everyone else at the party found out. Two days before the party we went and had the ultrasound done. After the ultrasound I was dying knowing that Christy and Caleigh knew what it was and I still had no idea!! I swear it was a long two days. Saturday came and our closest friends and family came over to find out what the baby was. There were 25 black balloons filled with either pink or blue confetti. Everyone grabbed a balloon and stick and on the count of three we all popped them at the same time. That is a moment I know I will never forget. It was amazing. Pink and white confetti went everywhere! I freaked out, jumped up and down, and cried my eyes out with Kennedy. Ryan was super excited, but our poor Jagger wanted a brother so dang bad. He sat on Ryan's lap for a good 10 minutes with the saddest look on his face. Poor little guy!! He's finally ok with having another sister ;)

The very talented Tiffany from Tiffany Collins Design designed the adorable invitation. 

Sticking with the mustache and lip theme of the party Christy bought cookie cutters from and made our favorite sugar cookies.  Click HERE for the recipe. 

For the lips and mustache straws we used glitter paper and found a template online to use as a stencil.We used a hole punch and viola you have an adorable straw topper.

Lip template click HERE

Mustache template click HERE.

Ann from Crowshaw Cakes made this gorgeous ruffle cake as well as these adorable fondant lips and mustache cup cake toppers.

We set up a voting station where all the guest could cast their votes. Tiffany made the little ballot cards for all of the guests. We used the ribbon banner from an old project, The Mimosa Bar. We spray painted plastic balloon sticks to tie the banner to.

For the big reveal we bought bamboo skewers to pop the balloons. For an extra touch Christy spray painted them gold, pink and blue.


Poor Jagger was so sad he didn't get a brother. He sat with Ryan and put his head down for a good 10 minutes.

It's a GIRL!

We couldn't be more excited to be having a little girl!! Thank you to everyone who came and made the day so memorable- especially Christy and Caleigh. I love you guys!!


Ruffle Cake  Crowshaw Cakes
Invitation  Tiffany Collins Design

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  1. Eeeek. Congratulations! That is so exciting. Those pictures are all so beautiful & I'm seriously dying over how cute your blog is. You and husband are a dashing couple too :)


  2. What a great party! Congrats on a new baby girl!

  3. Forgot to say: New follower from the GFC Blog Hop.

  4. This is SUCH a cute idea for a gender reveal party!! Amazing job!!
    Congrats on your new little baby girl. :) So sweet!
    Love Sparkle Pretty

  5. what an absolutely adorable and amazing party! sorry for the long strand of "a" words i just put there haha!
    oh my, I just love the decor and the confetti! who doesn't love confetti?!?!

  6. Ummm... this party looks fabulous!!! And I love the popping balloon/confetti idea, that is really creative!


  7. I just found you through the GFC blog hop, and this party theme is fabulous!! I love the idea of the lips and the mustache. So adorable! :)