Thursday, August 30, 2012

The houses that built us

After lots of complaint sessions with each other we are thinking good karma is back on our side ;)
We couldn't be more excited about both building our future houses at the same time!!
Beating teen mom statistics 1 step at a time. Christy and I are both so lucky to be where we are.
We never thought by our age we would both be able to build houses. Even better, we'll only be 10 minutes away from each other. We've always said that when we move we need to still live close to each other!
With a lot of hard work it's paying off!
It really has been so fun looking through {what feels like} hundreds of model homes for decorating ideas.
We were so bummed about not making it to the parade of homes together. Our schedules are so opposite it's hard to find a day that works for both of us to go, minus a 2 year old, because lets be honest he is such a nightmare to look through houses with!
And- thanks to pinterest I think we both have such good ideas to do.
We'll be posting pictures of the progress throughout the building process- right now, my lot is still just dirt. We've been waiting on the permit from the city for 6 weeks. The anticipation is KILLING me!! I just want them to start. I feel like once they start digging it'll go by so fast.

The most beautiful pile of dirt ;)
I took this picture 6 weeks ago. 6 weeks!! ugh.
Pleeeease hurry!!

And this is Christys- it's coming along SO fast!!
Hailey standing in her bedroom ;)
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  1. How awesome that you are both building houses! That is such a great accomplishment and a secure place of life! Karma is back on your side :)

  2. Thats amazing! Congratulations! Looks like that would be so much fun to completely design your home from scratch!

  3. I just found your adorable blog. I am dreaming of building a house one day. Enjoy it, design it, love it. So exciting. I can't wait to read more and see the final product. Come follow along