Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Easter Stand

For Easter I wanted to make a decorative stand that would hold Easter eggs or Easter candy. I went off to the DI and grabbed a candle holder for 5o cents and a bowl for $1.00. I had left over spray paint from the burlap frames so I used that (plus its a great color for Easter).
I spraypainted everything and I was almost ready to glue them together, but I thought I would spray one last coat. Well apparently you can't spray paint glass in cold weather. Within seconds the paint started peeling off!
So I made yet another trip back to the DI for another bowl and candle stick. I ended up buying these beauties.
I spraypained the new ones and I made sure it was a warmer day this time! I glued them together with good old hot glue, did a little distressing and Waalaah I have my new Easter stand.
I can't wait to put my Easter eggs in here. I hope you like it! love- Christy
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