Friday, March 16, 2012

Feels like canvas pictures

I found this project through wood connection. I saw it and totally fell in love. I have always wanted canvas prints in my house- but they're so freaken expensive. When I came across these- I knew I could easily do them.
First- you can buy the wood frames right from wood connection {or if you have a handy husband he can make them for you! Which is great becasuse that really is the most expensive part} My favorite size of picture to do is a 12X12. They turn out so pretty!! Sidenote- Print them from costco, they're the cheapest and their quality is awesome. Also, make sure you choose matte or lustre, NOT glossy.
Second- Use a wood glue {not the yellow kind} where you'll be putting your picture, once you've finsihed painting it whatever color you want your block. {I've always done black. I feel like it just looks so good with every picture} Smooth the wood glue wiht a sponge brush. Place your print on the plaque. Then smooth out any bubbles, with a soft cloth.
Third- Let it dry for 5 minutes
Fourth- With a plastic soon, put a small amount of the Texture Crem for Photos. Quickly roll a textured rolling brush through the cream and evenly spread around the whole picture.

Last- Dry and display!! :)
I did this project and the first time I was successful!
That never happens ;)
This cream is the best!! And- the little jar will last for so long
I bought the roller, cream, and sponge brushes all from The Wood Connection
but- you can get them cheaper other places.

I painted just the edges of my wood block,
used wood glue to put the picture on the block,
and then just rolled the canvas cream on!

Here are the pictures that turned out so awesome!!
My mom did 9 12 X 12's in her office and they look so pretty

And here's the finished wall!
Thank you instagram- for spicing it up a bit
It's hard to tell they're 12 X 12's but they really look so good!

love, Chelsie

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  1. so cute! Love it.
    What's your instagram username?

  2. What kind of paper did you print your pics on? Or where did you get you get ur pics printed at?

  3. I just print the pictures out at costco :)

  4. These are gorgeous! I'm going to try this! Thanks for linking up @ the Delectable Home.

  5. Where did you find the texture cream?

  6. Where did you get the texture cream?