Monday, May 7, 2012

Lagoon: It's what fun is

Every year Christy and I get season passes to lagoon!! We really act just like our little girls there- It's so fun. We are going to try and go every Sunday she doesn't work. It isn't as busy on sundays so that's SO nice to not have to wait in super long lines. We rode almost every ride in about 2 hours there were literally 50 people in the whole park. And- Christy managed to hold her throwing up in ;) Man I miss being a little kid when you could ride on rides for hours straight and never get nauseous. One of our favorite things besides the rides is walk around the pioneer park area. It was such a ghost town today!
Oh- and the people watching really is the best.
I really don't understand why some people leave their house to go
out into public places the way some do!

Of course they wanted to ride together on every one.
Just so they can see who can keep their hands up higher.
And hold onto each other when they're nervous

I have the biggest fear of the rocket. I will go on every ride except that.
Christy bribed me with buying me ice cream
Pshh. who says bribery doesn't work ;)

This is me right before the rocket. I am trying to look brave.
I told Christina I felt like I was going to pee my pants
I didn't.
Go me :)

And leave it ot me to lose those season passes within the first 30 minutes we got them.
Christy looked at me and said she wasn't even surprised
I don't blame her.
I really do lose everything

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Here's to an amazing week!!
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Christy and Chel

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  1. Okay so not to sound totally creepy BUT what if me and my little dude tagged along? :) We love lagoon :)

    I'm following.... so, you better love me forever and let me join you peeps at Lagoon! Ha!

    Oh, and people watching is the BEST! I live right downtown and so, I get a great variety! Pioneer park anyone? WOW!

    1. Of course you can come!! We always love lagoon friends ;) not creepy at all! Thanks for following! Pass our blog onto your followers too! And I can only imagine the people watching downtown haha ;)

  2. where did you get your hat?

    1. It's from forever 21 :) and only like $10!