Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The start of summer nights

I already blogged about this on my { personal blog } but it's just too cute to not share on here too :) As everyone already knows Christy and I love our girls nights. Randomly yesterday I got a free molten cake from Chilis -mmmmmm- so I asked if she wanted to go with me! She picked Kennedy up from my house and then met me there after work with the little bff's. It was such a perfect start to the summer nights we love so much.
After we ate we went outside and watched the girls show off their tumbling skills while Christy and I did what we do best. Blog/FB stalk ;)
We were outside utnil it started to get dark.
It really made us so excited for summer!!
There is so much to look forward to.
AND if all goes as planned we will both be moving into amazing houses.
Sister wives style.

Kidding ;)

How silly are these girls?
I have no idea where they would be without each other.
They said they'll be BFF's just like their moms forever ;)

Sometimes we have the best nights doing nothing- We're so easy to entertain!

Happy Thursday!!
Love- Chels
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  1. Doing nothing with someone else is always more fun than doing nothing alone :)