Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Yesterday was my birthday, and it was great.  The past couple of years I put a lot of pressure on my birthday for it to be great and I was easily let down.  This year there was no pressure, no expectations and it was perfect. The morning started off great when my mom surprised me and booked a massage for me. After the massage I went out to lunch with my sisters and this cute little girl.

We were so close to the Sweet Tooth Fairy so we had to stop by!
Then we were off to the mall.  I got a new nude button up from H&M that I'm loving. 

 After shopping I met up with the love in my life and my fam for take out and the bachelor ( I can't believe he didn't give her a rose). Here are some pictures of some of the goodies I got. 
I am so excited to try this cake pop maker

You can never go wrong with MAC 

By far my most favorite present was from Hailey.  She drew this picture of the two of us.  As I was unfolding the picture this penny fell out. She looked at me with the biggest smile.  She was so proud that she gave me money. The best part about this story is she counted all the money in her piggy bank over the weekend, she has $53. I guess all she could spare was a penny! Oh I love that girl. 
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  1. Ok I had to seriously lol at the penny. Look at it this way, your daughter is very frugal haha.