Saturday, February 25, 2012

Burlap Frames

When Chelsie and I went to the DI we found  some lovely picture frames. I think I paid around a dollar for each frame. Chelsie really wanted to leave the pictures in the frame.  Don't worry Chels, I saved the pictures for you!

I headed over to Hobby Lobby ( I think they know me by name) and grabbed some Krylon  Blue Ocean Breeze spray praint, and burlap. After the frames were painted I applied a layer of brown gel stain (also from Hobby Lobby).  I grabbed an old rag and wiped off the excess stain.

I took out the lovely pictures that the frames came with, grabbed some cotton backing and burlap, and traced them to be the same size as the pictures.

I put the burlap on top of cotton and hot glued the both of them to the back of the frame.

Remember these pins I made? I am using these to decorate the frames.

And waaalaaa there you go burlap frames.  Use them for pictures, your child's art work, or a great way to hold your to do list.

I hope you like them! love, christy

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  1. Super cute! i am so happy I stumbled across your adorable blog! New follower here! Thanks for sharing such awesome projects!

    1. Thank you so much. We love new friends. Your Easter mantel with the framed bunny is so dang cute.