Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY Mercury Glass

Lately I've really been loving the look of Mercury Glass, it can give any room a hint of a vintage glam look.  I dream of having a big mirror on my wall framed in mercury glass. The only problem is it's expensive!  I have seen different tutorials on how to achieve the look, so I tried them out.   Chelsie and I went to the DI and found a great selection of glass vases. These vases cost me $3 for both! The most important supply you need is Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint.

I also used Precious Metals Leafing Finish.  The first step is to spray the INSIDE of your vase with the Looking Glass spray.  This part was was a little tricky to get an even coat all over the vase and not leave streak marks.  To achieve a streak free look I sprayed a coat, then turned the vase horizontally while slowly rolling the vase.  The extra spray paint went all over the vase instead of leaving streaks straight down.  I applied 5-6 thin coats and let dry for 10 minutes.  The next step is to mix up a water and vinegar solution.  I used 3 Tablespoons of Water and 3 Tablespoons of vinegar, and poured it into a spray bottle.  I sprayed this solution over the coat spray paint.  I let it sit for about 20 seconds. I grabbed a plastic grocery bag and began distressing the inside of the vase. You can rub as much of the spray paint off as you would like.  Once I got the look I wanted I took a small amount of the Precious Metals paint on a sponge brush and applied it to some of the areas where I took the spray paint off. I thought it looked a little too bare with out it.

What do you think? 
- Christy 

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  1. Love it! I think am going to have to copy you!

    1. Miranda you should make your own, and send me a picture of how it turns out!

    2. Hi! I just found this via Pinterest, and I have a question. I really want to try this technique on (the outside of) a dark wood piece of furniture! But, I wonder how it will look if too much of the wood shows through when I distress. Any suggestions? I guess I could just touch up with the sponging of metallic paint afterwards, same as you did.
      Great blog!!


  2. Hi Amy. Thanks for stopping by. I think I would have to see the piece to know for sure. but it sounds like you could touch it up with metallic paint if too much of the wood was showing. Let us know when you do this project. We would love to see it.