Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a day for love

happy valentines day!! :) the holidays are my favorite. and no matter what i promise to ry how i wont spend way too much money and time on presents for the kids- i somehow always break those promises. the babes and i had so much fun making their valentines. { thank you pinterest }

this year kennedy really wanted a paul frank blanket. luckily target had just the one. and jagger is too young to care what he gets so the dollar aisle is my favorite. cars and sippy cups and the kid is happy for days.

and the husband came home with roses and a blank card- i asked him why he didn't write a love laced poem for me and sign it, and his respons- 'why would i write in it when you already know it's from me?' he's so romantic.

he's the granola-ish type so i got him smart water ;) jagger saw it in the aisle and yelled DADDY!!

and for christy i got her a last minute gift she needed.
happy valentines day to everyone!!
xo- chels
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  1. Hahaha! My husband has done that before, it's so weird, but men's brains are just different!