Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY pins and earings

Awhile ago I made some earrings for Hailey and I using some scrap pieces of fabric. Today I wanted to make some pins for a board I am making, and I figured these earrings could double and be pins as well.
I used some old fabric, buttons, and earring posts from Hobby Lobby.  I traced the buttons on the fabric (make sure to double the size of the button). The earrings I did before were a little more time consuming.  I used cotton backing on top of the button and stitched the fabric around the button.  You can see that technique here.  This time I was in a hurry so I simply hot glued the fabric onto the buttons, then hot glued the buttons onto the earring posts. The stitching technique does give a more polished look, but I think these turned out alright. Here are the finished results!
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