Tuesday, July 3, 2012


A couple of years ago my very talented brother in law made this Armoire to use as their entertainment center in their family room.  Recently they decided to mount thier TV on the wall and use this armoire for their future baby girl!

  Like me, my sister is a big fan of anything Mint and Turqoise so of course the new nursery needed a splash of color. So her sweet and talented hubby redid it, and it looks amazing! They used Serendipity by Behr and then had it made into a laquer so he could spray it on for a smooth finish. He did a little distressing and here it is!

I can't wait to meet the sweet girl that this is for!
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  1. I'm IN LOVE with that mint wardrobe!!! Don't have kids yet, but I do want something like that for a nursery one day. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. love this - thanks for posting it!


  3. I love it in mint! I wish I was talented like that haha :)

  4. I love the mint paint, it's adorable!