Monday, July 2, 2012

Our weekend in pictures

Christy and I went out on Saturday.
Every girl going through a break up needs a best friend night ;)
and I of course love my Christy nights!

When we went through our- go out all the time phase- I would always get ready at her house.
Her poor mom thinks we're so weird.
I walked in her house and told her sweet mom that I needed to go shower
she just looked at me, shook her head and goes- 'hmmm ok?'
We've known each other for so long and have been so close the stuff we do and say doesn't even surprise them anymore. Half of her family thinks we're lesbians/sister wives.

I have never been to Gracies before and Christy has been trying to get me to go forever
we decided that would be the perfect place. All Winter and Spring long we look forward to
eating and having a drink in a Summer dress and on a patio.
Gracies was perfect!!
The weather was amazing and so gorgeous.

Here are some pictures of us being us. My brothers cute girlfriend was our photographer for the night

and this is me with stupid length bangs.
DON'T ever cut bangs.
Right after I cut them I was told they have clip in bangs.
That would have been enough change for me!
It's taken so dang long to try and grow them out, I finally have been able to middle part my hair again.
They look like sideburns.


I try to be serious. I can't believe she got a shot without me busting up laughing.
It's not my thang.

And us driving in the car on the way to trax.
Have we told you before how interesting the people on trax are?
Gotta love public transportation!!

First we met a guy that walked on singing.
Us being the friendly people we are decided to start a conversation.
It went something like this-

Us: 'Hi! Do you ride Trax a lot? Do you know what stop to get off of for Gracies?'
Him: 'Girls say when I smile stars come out'
Bahhh!  He smiled and had uber rotten teeth and one tooth completely black.

Next 2 other guys walked on.
One looked like Fabio and the other had that Jazz announcer deep voice.
We got the conversation started and come to find out they were in a band
and will be sending us an email about a very personal break up song that
one of them promised to get to us by today.
I need to go set that fake email account up asap- we could have some hit song coming our way ;)

After the creepers we had the sweetest boy sit next to us. We asked him to take our picture and
his parents laughed and said for us to be careful because he would end up having a crush on us and not leave us alone.
At the end of the night, we rode trax back to our stop and walked to our car. We found this lovely on our windshield

We both laughed so hard- it totally made our night.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!!
Here's to an amazing Monday
{ If there is such a thing }

Chelsie and Christy

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  1. OMG, that note is too funny!!! I'm loving your dress and I would die for your long hair. Yeah for girls' night!!!! U girls are too cute!

  2. You guys are too cute!! Where would we all be without best friends :)
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog! I'm you newest follower!

  3. You girls are too cute! And I'm with you on bangs. I got mine cut a couple months ago and I'm still dealing with them. Worst. Idea. Everrr!