Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Fun!!

Weekends are the best arent't they??
The weather was perfect.
When it gets down to the 70* range in July,
you know it's just a little piece of heaven!!

We took the girls to our favorite park and had a costa vida picnic.
{ cafe rio is closed on Sundays :( bahhh. It's ok costa is a close 2nd }
they played and played and we ate and then talked on the blanket forever.
It was so much fun to be outside until we got cold.
It secretly made me so excited for fall ;)

The girls were so excited to get mini starbucks cups :)

..And we have the CUTEST post coming.
Stay tuned ;)

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  1. SO excited to see your post coming!! :)

  2. AWESOME wish I lived where the weather was like that the pic of the girls in front of the steps is lovely