Thursday, July 26, 2012

Getting Personal

Chelsie and I usually like to keep this blog light and fun.  But lately we haven't felt that way.  We've been throwing ourselves a little pity party.  This party has left no room for crafting or blogging.  Let's see I think Chelsie's car has been in the shop about 4 times in 2 months from different accidents.  She was in the grocery store the other day when her iPhone got stolen out of her shopping basket.  $400 later she finally has a new one. I went to an appointment with her for a lasik consult and she found out that she's not a candidate and won't be for at least 5 more years. 20/200 vision is just going to have to do! We were driving in the car talking and complaining, wondering when things were gonna turn around for us.  Right at that moment a rock flew into my windshield leaving a nice crack.  I have been going through a break up and my ex decided to call my mom and mention he is in love with someone else.  It hasn't been our favorite week.

Believe it or not this post is not intended to keep our pity party going.  After some time venting we acknowledged how great our lives really are.  We are both healthy, our families are healthy, we have so many people that love us, and we have exciting things going on in our lives, we are both fortunate enough to be building our own homes (more on that later).

I don't usually use this blog to talk about my personal life, but I am so glad that I have friends that talk about their challenges on their blog.  Breakups, divorces, infidelity, or a rough path can be really challenging.  Knowing that there are others going through the same thing can make life a little easier. So check out these amazing women.


Jacy talks about how she got through a divorce filled with infidelity.  She doesn't have a sad blog, she has an empowering blog about regaining her self confidence and learning to love again.


Chantel  was married for 6 weeks when her husband sent her a text saying he married her by accident.  She is a strong woman who recently graduated grad school and has her own business. You can also read her story on Jacy's blog here


And then there is Brooke. She is a dear friend of ours. She has been through more than her fair share of heart ache.  But she is an amazing single mom of two who owns her own photography business (She did Chelsie's wedding and her family pics). You can see her photography here.

All of these women have had challenges in their lives and those challenges have made them strong independent women.  I highly suggest checking out all of their blogs!

For all of you who follow me on Pinterest you know I am on a kick of pinning quotes!  So here are few of my favorite at the moment.

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  1. I hope things get better. I posted a tweet yesterday that when it rains it pours, and got so much support. I'm sure I speak for the rest of us that we don't mind hearing your personal life! I just hope there's some good news coming soon!

  2. Thank you, thank you! You two are so sweet... Thank you for sharing the love! I love you both.... and like Brittany said above, we like hearing about your personal life every now and then... and YES, good news better be around the corner!!!!!!!!


  3. I'm sorry things have been rough. And dealing with a broken heart is never easy. Keep this quote in mind when your looking for a new man Christy! "Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary." — Oscar Wilde. You deserve the best so don't settle for anything less!

  4. I agree, sometimes it's so hard not to get caught up in focusing on the bad things. And unfortunately it sounds like you two have had a little streak going. Hopefully things will turn around soon for you both, but until then you just vent away, we've all been there & know how you feel!!

  5. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  6. Thank you! Wow, this really meant a lot to me. It came at a time when I was needing some extra strength, and it was a sweet reminder that I AM making it through hard things.

    You girls are really great and I'm so happy we have found each other's blogs. I hope that things look up for the both of you as well. I have a post-it note under my computer that says, "Ultimately, when things get hard, you hold on to the handle bars of fierceness and you don't let go." [It's from ANTM, but I like it] :)

    All my love!