Monday, July 9, 2012

New room

You've seen some of the cute items going into my sisters nursery, but here is a look at their oldest daughter's room. Cameron got kicked out of her old room to make room for the baby, but her new room is adorable.  In Cameron's old room she has similar paneling made by some pieces of wood, crown molding and a shelf. My sweet brother in law did this in my daughters room and I love it!  It adds so much to the room.

 But my sister wanted to try something different.  So her and her hubby picked up some wood paneling from the hardware store.  In the picture below you can see panels are pretty wide.  They added crown molding a shelf, and painted it white.

Her new room!

The paint color in this room is Sandstone Cliff by Behr
- Christy
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  1. This is a very cute "big girl" room. I love the paneling.

  2. the paneling adds so much i love it!

  3. Hey Girls!
    I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award.
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  4. WOW, that room is incredible. I totally vote for you all to help me re-do my whole home.