Friday, April 20, 2012

Cards Made With Love

Christy and I both had Tuesday off this week so we got together to craft :)
We've been talking with Elizabeth and she has given us such cute ideas to make cards out of!
We both needed to have some spare cards- so we looked through the idea book she sent us and
found some really cute ideas!!

Then we ended our card making day by going to Cafe Rio of course.
Then a quick trip to Nordstrom for new toms ;)
It was such a fun day and we both went home with our stomachs
sore from laughing so hard with each other.


Leave it to me-
My cute friends baby is turning one soon so I decided to make her a birthday card!
I was so proud of it- I picked it up and of course had done the whole thing upside down.
She'll be getting a flat double-sided birthday card.

We love how they turned out!!
Go stop by her blog and tell her hi if you love them too! :)
Love- Chels

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  1. I love how these turned out! Love the book page embellishments and even the flat card :) Great job ladies!!

  2. These are SO adorable, love 'em!! I tagged your blog for the Liebster Blog Award :)


  3. SO cute!! And look at you planning 2 weeks ahead. Best friend ever!! She'll love the card upside down or right side up!! :)

  4. So cute!! And look at you planning 2 weeks ahead! My kind of girl!! She'll love the upside down card. I know it! :)