Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring is here!!

I think everyone looks forward to the day we can put away all of those winter clothes. Obviously I'm not the fashionable one on this blog BUT I do love me some spring clothes. I have wanted a maxi dress for so long. I went to Express and I found one and even better- it was 30% off. I have always said if it's on sale and I have wanted it for sometime it's totally meant to be and buy it. I can justify buying anything ;) I wore a cute white cardigan over to my inlaws to dinner tonight to avoid the judgemental- look what Chelsie's wearing on a Sunday- talk. Threw on some cute sandals and was all dressed in my Sunday best!
Thank you sister for taking these pictures of me!! She even said I have inspired her to go get one now. Success.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!! :)

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  1. i just bought(and wore) my maxi yesterday, kinda similar, all striped up in corals & prettty spring colors!

  2. I NEED this dress! Love the blog, following along!