Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter shopping!!

One of our favorite things to do is shop. Even more so- for the babes. Christy and I have gone to target to Easter shop since the girls have had their first Easter. What's a better excuse to go buy your kids stuff? :) My hubs always tells me I go overboard. Whoopsies. Before I left he told me it's not Christmas and our kids really don't need anything because of how full their rooms already are!! Like always- it was a fun trip ;)

Peeps. Enough said. I purposely open them Easter eve and they're delish in the morning.
I could eat the entire package.
Not even lying.

We weren't rocking the camera. Thank you instagram for being able to blur out our faces ;)

Target gets me everytime. At least my kids will be so excited!!

Have a happy Easter!!
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1 comment:

  1. Me and Target oh the amount of money I find myself spending in that place is a bit crazy. I went last weekend and picked up the rest of the Easter goodies.