Monday, April 16, 2012

The Melting Pot

Christy and I have our favorites. Our favorite movies, favorite DIY projects, and our favorite places to eat. Our absolutely most favorite place to eat is The Melting Pot. It just a short ride downtown and has the most amazing fondue. We get the same thing every time. The cheese and then dessert. So delicious. The last time we went, we decided to take the always lovely public transportation- trax. It's always quite the experience. We also exchanged gifts for each others birthdays- we always love an excuse to go shopping and buy stuff ;)  We really just are little kids being grown ups when we get together.
You know you go to a certain restaurant too much when you have a
favorite waiter who knows you too.
And who gives you a great deal
It's always good to have a connection right? ;)

Hopefully our moms don't read this- we're going to surprise them soon and take them with us.
Neither of them have ever been there so we can't wait!

love- Chelsie
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  1. Wow!,You ladies are both so pretty and sweet,no wonder the same waiter wants to take care of you every time.They probably fight over your table!!!

  2. Again, your hair. Can you please do a tutorial on how you get it to look so fabulous???