Monday, April 30, 2012

Wedding Season!!

Wedding season is upon us!!
Everyone dreams of going to their ex-husbands wedding.
BUT- Christy and I sure got to go to my ex's wedding ;)
Kennedy's dad was getting married on Sunday and she of course wanted me to go.
He and I get along great- and I actually probably talk to him more than my hubs now.
Kidding again.
Anyway, Once I knew I was going I made Christy come with me. I get along with his family
really well but I thought it might kind of get awkward.
I have the best best friend in the whole world.
I couldn't have gotten anyone else to come with me and she offered!
We got fancy and drove there only getting lost twice.
Once we were there we said hi to everyone and of course Kennedy looked

Thank you to Hailey for being our photographer :)

The little best friends.
And Jagger :)

And like anyone I got a plate to go!
Classy like that.

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  1. Wow! I totally commend you ;) my ex got married 4 months after our divorce, in secret, to a woman who was 3 months preggies... Obviously, I wasn't invited... Lol but I was livid that it was all done in secret and that my son attended and I had NO clue...

    Owell ;)

    Looks lovely and I think it's AWESOME that you were able to be strong enough to attend the wedding... Many women couldnt... You are to be commended! Brava!!!


    1. oh thanks jacy!! we really do get along so well { it definitely hasn't always been that way- there was a time we really hated each other } but WHAAAAAT?? 4 months. and 3 months prego? i can't even imagine. you are darling and your little boy is SO dang cute. so glad i found your blog :)