Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend fun with the girls

Every year Nordstrom has a kids fashion show, and of course our girls love to participate in it. This year they had girls there doing make up so they were in little girl heaven. We went earlier in the week and they picked out their own adorable outfits. Kennedy has always wanted a fedora hat and found one she loves. Then she got a coral shirt and blue striped shorts.
Hailey got a floral summer dress with a braided leather belt and cute Steve Madden sandals. 
They each took turns walking down the runway. Hailey walked with her 2 cousins, Cameron and Jack. And as you can tell by the picture, Jack loved it!

After the fashion show the girls went to an Easter egg hunt- it was such a mad house.
Kennedy didn't think twice and booked it once the whistle blew and grabbed every egg in sight regardless if someone else was getting it first- and cute little Hailey was so shy and let the kids
take them from her. She ended up with only a couple of eggs but was such a good sport!
Kennedy even offered to give her one of the tickets she got :)
Our girls are so dang cute and we love that they have so much fun together!!

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  1. what a fun blog y'all have! and I love your Easter glitter eggs and Easter stand! Great ideas! Love them!!!